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The mission of Ayana Water is to harness the power of water and subtle energy in an effort to improve the health of the planet and its people.

We are committed to raising the level of awareness around the direct link between the quality of our water and the quality of our lives. We strive to keep abreast of all the mysteries Mother Nature reveals through science, and bring to your attention the most current research that has the greatest impact on your health.

Our bodies are nearly 75% water, and thus, proper hydration is our greatest form of disease prevention. Proper diet is secondary. Our planet is approximately 75% water, but only a small percentage of is fit for drinking. Thus, through our partnerships with Charity Water, we play an active role in expanding access to clean drinking water to communities worldwide. We see water as much more than the most essential element for sustaining life; it is also the most sophisticated intelligence known to mankind. We invite you to join us in our endeavour to learn, share, and heal through harnessing the power of water.

The Ayana Water Team is committed to bringing awareness to the world about the power of water for healing. We believe that a well hydrated body is a healthy body, and that Optimized Ayana Water is a solution to many health epidemics and toxic household environments.

We see water as an intelligence, running the whole matrix of life as we humans continue our stories. We have endeavoured to learn how this intelligence works, and to bring that information to you through our website and products. Major discoveries are being made in the field of water that have groundbreaking implications for our lifestyles, and we endeavour to bring them to you. We will be regularly posting in the Blog section, so you can get a feel for our style, how we feel about water, and the issues that are prevalent on the planet today.

AYan Water is a NON-MLM company, preferring instead to support charities that benefit those without access to fresh water. As a company, we are committed to your service and support. We have a toll free line open 10-6 daily to answer any of your questions or concerns, and due to the strict quality control at our factory, we have virtually no units breaking down to repair.

Thank you for supporting a company with our values, and helping us emerge to create a better planet.

Love Water,

The Ayana Water Team

Ra’Am Ayana,
Erai Beckmann,
Amrita Singh,
Maryna Bundyuk,
Lara Bolton,
Genevieve Simmons,
Zamir Dhanji